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Natural Oyster Pearl Necklace

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Home Of The Original Oyster Necklace!

šŸ’„ Make a wish, break open the oyster and discover a real, genuine freshwater pearl inside!

šŸ’„ The mystery and excitement that goes in the process of opening the oyster and findingĀ your very own special freshwater cultured pearlĀ is unmatched.

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#1: Make a wish before you open the oyster and enjoy the health, happiness, success, love, wisdom, & wealth that each unique pearl symbolizes.

#2: The Color of the pearl you receive is a mystery until you open the oyster!

#3: Comes with a Pendant which is the perfect vessel to show off your gorgeous pearl.

#4: Put the pearl in, and maybe your wish might come true!

Package Includes:

šŸ’œGift Package.

šŸ’œReal Oyster in a Sealed Can.

šŸ’œStainless Steel Cage Locket.

šŸ’œ18" Stainless Steel Long Chain.

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